• Park GuellThe Gatehouse
  • Park GuellGaudi's residence
  • Park GuellThe entrance plaza
  • Park GuellThe Columns Room
  • Yes, the columns do lean inwards
  • Park GuellThe Monumental Steps

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Barcelona in Spain

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Park Guell, Barcelona

Originally conceived as a gated residential estate overlooking Barcelona, the project failed and the land was passed over to the Barcelona City Council in 1922. It is now a popular park.

Only a few residences were built before the decision was made to abandon the project. The developer entrusted Antonio Gaudi with the park design and Gaudi lived in one of the completed houses for many years. The main area where Gaudi's work can be seen is still gated and access is restricted to 400 paying customers per half hour. So while you are waiting for your allotted entry time after you have purchased your ticket, you can wander the free area of the park.